Game Lineup

O/UATSSU Away TeamTimeHome Team SUATSO/U 
563849Away Team FlagDetroitToday, 12:35 PMCincinnatiHome Team Flag
563850Away Team FlagAtlantaToday, 12:37 PMTorontoHome Team Flag
563851Away Team FlagSt. LouisToday, 01:05 PMPhiladelphiaHome Team Flag
563852Away Team FlagChicago White SoxToday, 01:10 PMClevelandHome Team Flag
563853Away Team FlagLA DodgersToday, 02:20 PMChicago CubsHome Team Flag
563854Away Team FlagOaklandToday, 03:40 PMSan DiegoHome Team Flag
563855Away Team FlagMiamiToday, 03:45 PMSan FranciscoHome Team Flag
563858Away Team FlagSeattleToday, 07:05 PMNY YankeesHome Team Flag
563857Away Team FlagMilwaukeeToday, 07:05 PMPittsburghHome Team Flag
563856Away Team FlagBaltimoreToday, 07:05 PMWashingtonHome Team Flag
563860Away Team FlagTampa BayToday, 08:10 PMHoustonHome Team Flag
563859Away Team FlagBostonToday, 08:10 PMMinnesotaHome Team Flag
563861Away Team FlagTexasToday, 08:15 PMKansas CityHome Team Flag
563862Away Team FlagNY MetsToday, 08:40 PMColoradoHome Team Flag
563803Away Team FlagFigueirenseSaturday, 05:30 PMCoritibaHome Team Flag
563864Away Team FlagFCMotherwellAug 04, 10:00 AMHibernianHome Team Flag
563865Away Team FlagHeartofMidlothianAug 04, 10:00 AMHamiltonAcademicalHome Team Flag
563867Away Team FlagStJohnstoneAug 04, 10:00 AMFCKilmarnockHome Team Flag
563863Away Team FlagDundeeAug 04, 10:00 AMStMirrenHome Team Flag
563866Away Team FlagLivingstonAug 04, 10:00 AMCelticHome Team Flag
563868Away Team FlagGlasgowRangersAug 05, 08:00 AMFCAberdeenHome Team Flag
367.7155.0155.3562631Away Team FlagAtlantaSep 06, 08:20 PMPhiladelphiaHome Team Flag360.2221.4177.7
98.082.487.3562634Away Team FlagHoustonSep 09, 01:00 PMNew EnglandHome Team Flag545.0360.559.4
423.4194.9262.8562633Away Team FlagCincinnatiSep 09, 01:00 PMIndianapolisHome Team Flag294.9113.2211.5
77.5130.969.7562635Away Team FlagJacksonvilleSep 09, 01:05 PMNY GiantsHome Team Flag162.171.8265.4
467.1189.9580.8562636Away Team FlagPittsburghSep 09, 01:05 PMClevelandHome Team Flag-7.832.3602.6
111.4140.8120.8562637Away Team FlagSan FranciscoSep 09, 01:05 PMMinnesotaHome Team Flag409.3453.9203.2
70.692.6173.8562639Away Team FlagTennesseeSep 09, 01:05 PMMiamiHome Team Flag185.344.6122.6
235.5166.8352.2562638Away Team FlagTampa BaySep 09, 01:05 PMNew OrleansHome Team Flag151.7223.6220.3
167.3109.8148.8562632Away Team FlagBuffaloSep 09, 01:05 PMBaltimoreHome Team Flag328.3147.6168.8
325.1268.2263.3562640Away Team FlagKansas CitySep 09, 04:05 PMSan DiegoHome Team Flag137.191.3326.6
144.5144.1220.3562641Away Team FlagDallasSep 09, 04:25 PMCarolinaHome Team Flag269.4167.568.9
149.8116.9180.6562643Away Team FlagWashingtonSep 09, 04:25 PMArizonaHome Team Flag173.7111.4125.9
140.7241.1347.1562642Away Team FlagSeattleSep 09, 04:25 PMDenverHome Team Flag231.789.5176.7
199.196.4151.6562644Away Team FlagChicagoSep 09, 08:20 PMGreen BayHome Team Flag522.1329.7124.0
170.683.4110.5562645Away Team FlagNY JetsSep 10, 07:10 PMDetroitHome Team Flag199.3160.6105.3
142.368.2129.3562646Away Team FlagSt. LouisSep 10, 10:20 PMOaklandHome Team Flag91.652.098.8
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