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A sports picks social network that encourages the exchange of sports picks information, trend based systems and key situational analytics. We use modern machine learning techniques to provide the best possible data to our users for their manipulation and analysis. We also provide fantasy sports pick contests where you can compete with your friends in many different types of contest formats.

« Back Spread Knowledge is a new type of sports community combining common social networking tools with an advanced proprietary trend engine to provide a new look at sports handicapping. Gone are the days where Handicappers can make their own statistical claims. Here all pick history is validated and available for you, the customer.

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About Us

Spread Knowledge is a sports picks platform focused on trend analytics and sports information sharing. Some services offer some features of Spread Knowledge’s community, however, Spread Knowledge some fresh features in one place that combines to create a new type of platform. Our web 2.0 community fosters the growth of the individual sports picker by providing new types of features that support the sports picker and helps them to make more highly qualified and vetted sports picks in fantasy and picking contests.
Spread Knowledge’s sports knowledge system is unique to sports picking. The community is comprised of all types of users seeking to increase their sports knowledge. It is not always feasible to invest a lot of time or energy into increasing one’s sports fantasy or statistical knowledge, due to time constraints, access to information or many other reasons. Investment capital is necessary to produce winning picks and we provide the tops in sports analytics and trend driven system. Our users also provide shared commentary that can be reused and rewarded if it is successful in the community. A user's success on the site can be directly related to that user’s “value” in the community and, therefore, fluctuates based on the user’s success or failure in contributing meaningful content.
With the launch of its community, Spread Knowledge hopes to attract sports fanatics with varying backgrounds. Currently, Spread Knowledge focuses on sports all over the World. As we grow, our data and the services we can provide to our users will also increase. The Spread Knowledge community's deep understanding of all sports-related knowledge and individual player statistics helps to promote a healthy discussion among enthusiasts and a positive social experience.
Making sports picking is a fun activity and is supported by people’s love for sports and the thrill of feeling like they are a part of the game. The most important asset to Spread Knowledge’s success is its user community. Therefore, users are encouraged to provide feedback or ideas to improve the Spread Knowledge community and the service delivered to its users.
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SpreadKnowledge.com is a community focused site aimed at delivering the most current and correct sports related information. SpreadKnowledge does not endorse sport wagering and is not responsible for users who choose to use information on this site for activity deemed illegal under certain jurisdiction.

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